Kym Mumford

Creative Director
Paul Bailes

Eggs & Bread

March 2019



Eggs & Bread is a fantastic initiative set up in East London to offer everyone the chance to have a good start to the day by offering them a place where they can get a good basic breakfast of boiled egg and soldiers (who doesn’t love that!). There is no charge at all but those who can afford it are encouraged to make a donation should they wish.

Our brief was to create a website for them that they could own and keep updated as well as to design an app to publicise and promote their existence, work and to keep their users up to date with upcoming events.


As one of the key stipulations for the website was that Eggs & Bread would be able to “own” and maintain it themselves post launch, we worked with them to design the site using a standard WordPress themed site. We sourced suitable plugins for them to give them additional functionality such as crosswords to allow them to build greater engagement with visitors to the site.


In collaboration with Eggs & Bread, we wrote headlines, sourced imagery to complement the colourways and provided full training.

As well as creating the website, we created a bespoke app for them which allowed them to not only see the content as per the website but we also created a bespoke competition used to run an “Egg-Hunt” for Easter with the a prize of £10,000. The app is available in both the Applestore and on Android. Further development on additional functionality such as subscription and online purchasing is being considered.


The project was successfully completed to very tight deadlines and the app launched in time for the Easter egg hunt with over 800 downloads generating significant revenue for a very worthy cause.