Paul Bailes

Chartered Insurance Institute

April 2019

Event Identity


The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) launched the Public Trust Awards a few years ago to address the lack of trust the general public has in the insurance profession and to reinforce its raison d’être.

The Awards set out to acknowledge a number of key individuals and companies for their work in the public arena that have gone that extra mile to promote professionalism and drive forward the CII public trust agenda. However, each year the event and the trophies have been branded differently with no consistency and they do not appear to have yet become recognised as a worthy initiative.

The brief was to create an enduring identity that the profession could relate to and which added a perceived value and worth to the initiative which in turn would go some way to raising standards of the profession.



We began by considering trust and an iconic symbol to personify it; we explored ideas which embraced the meanings of ‘strong’ and ‘symbolism’, we developed key areas that embraced the primary values of the awards ceremony. The symbolic guardian angel (meanings include: Awareness, Courage, Compassion, Perseverance), The star (meanings include: A mark of excellence, Celebrated, Distinguished, Premium), The shield (meanings include: Protection, Guardian, Safety, Security), The Handshake (meanings include: Trust, Confidence, Integrity, Honest, Reliance).


Having settled on a number of ideas, we worked these up so that our client could share our vision as to how an award and mark could look. With a final idea agreed we created drawings to create the award and developed the mark and identity of the initiative.


The presentation of a more iconic trophy has raised the value of winning it and further highlights the CII’s mission to raise the standards of the insurance and finance professions.

It has also elevated the event to a more glamorous and prestigious one which, in turn, increases the volume of entries and which in time will result in a higher public profile for not only the event but more importantly the initiative itself which is to promote the work being done by the industry to repair its reputation as being worth of being trusted by the public.