Paul Bailes

Davies Group

January 2019

Brand Identity


Having worked with Davies Group previously on their brand identity, we were asked to support them in the launch of their charitable arm “Davies Foundation” which would be used to distribute monies raised by staff fundraising activities across the group. They wanted to have a distinct logo to be used when communicating about the Foundation’s activities as well as a simple set of guidelines to give to external partners to ensure the integrity of the identity was maintained.



Working with the Group’s Communications Manager, we agreed that that the logo should be a stylised heart which mirrors the Group’s core logo in its composition. In the same way elements of the main shapes within its distinctive logo form the “D” of Davies, the same shapes were used to create a heart both in outline as well as in the negative space. The positioning of the shapes also subliminally shows a handshake, signifying working together in partnership.


Following the positive feedback on the logo, we proceeded to create a full suite of logos in all colour variants so that all marketing applications are covered. We also created a short set of guidelines to be distributed as required to maintain design integrity. A microsite was built using a series of complementary images and the logo in the correct colour ways. Finally, to ensure a complete visual journey, application forms for joining the Foundation Committee or to apply for project funding also carry the newly created logo.


The logo is distinctive yet feels part of the Davies Group which was the required outcome for the project. It has received positive comments from staff and assists Davies in their aim of having a key communication vehicle for Davies in their CSR engagement not only with staff but within the wider insurance community.

Davies Foundations digital brochure

Part of the marketing communications suite, the digital brochure was downloadable from the web and designed to be readable on desktop and mobile.

COH_J012506 Davies Foundation Brochure 2019 C5


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