Creative Director
Paul Bailes

Sarah Price

Atticus/DQ Pro

May 2020



Established in 2008 Atticus Associates provide software products and project resources to the global (re)insurance industry. To continue the growth of the organisation the business decided to narrow its focus on data integrity and control platform software designed for the London Insurance Market utilising DQ Pro, one of the product solutions they offer.

To assist with this we were engaged to work with Atticus to develop a new brand and visual identity that will position the brand and communicate the change of name and emphasis.



Undertaking this phase of the project we look to establish what the brand believes and establish the relevant brand proposition and messaging. We start this process by involving the leadership team in a brand workshop. Through this process we can collate differing views which is the first step in getting alignment so that we can develop brand foundations that will support a coherent brand.

For Atticus this resulted in DQ Pro becoming a customer facing brand as opposed to a product offering.


With the agreed brand foundations as our benchmark, we explored visually how the new brand could look. For the starting point of this creative journey we continued with illustrative content using a similar colour pallet to currently being used by that Atticus. This would provide a visual link back to Atticus for the new brand. Other options used photographic imagery reflecting the areas of risk that Atticus/DQ Pro clients underwrite. These options used brighter colour pallets. Both options used messaging that communicated the key product features and benefits.

As this creative journey continued and in collaboration with our client we explored in more detail the illustrative approach using a bright colour pallet. This work resulted in some engaging options that challenged the brand to be more unique than it may have felt comfortable with.


As the project progressed we updated the logo DQ Pro logo creating a more iconic shape that better united the two elements and increasing clarity. Corporate stationery was also created  using elements from the creative work done earlier. The business cards utilised the whole colour palette giving the brand greater depth and sophistication.

Through the creative work we established a vision and creative palette for the brand and marketing communications it would develop in the future. With the brand foundations created at the start of the process the organisation has a benchmark against which to measure ongoing product developments and marketing communications.