Paul Bailes


September 2017



Vehicle Movement Exchange (VME) as it was, started life is a service that provides a market leading solution to enable the collection, movement and delivery of vehicles within or back to the UK. The business provides real time solutions to match the supply and demand for such services to a more effective, efficient and secure transaction. The service facilitates the end to end process from ‘movement need capture’, rate discovery, matching to vehicle movement provider, “in job” tracking, billing and management information.

Cohesion was engaged to brand and name the service to get them ready to launch the service.



We began the brand process by undertaking a branding workshop with VME. We discussed the business plan and talked through their vision for the future and values of their service, understanding what it was that was unique to them. This allowed us to collaborate on their brand foundations and undertake a naming exercise for their service.


With the brand foundations in place and the name agreed we were able to start work on the visual identity focussing first on the logo and then the colours, imagery, fonts etc.

The final solution was a series of logos – one primary and two secondary, the difference being how a series of dynamic coloured lines were applied. These lines represented the many movements of vehicles their platform co-ordinates on a daily basis.

With the visual language considered in the design phase, the create phase saw us apply this to the marketing collateral that was needed in the first instance for use in launch and promotion.


Our work for VME has created a brand with a unique name and identity that is memorable and recognisable that reflects their vision and values. It stands out within their market sector providing a platform that is helping them to successfully drive the business forward.