Sarah Price

Personal Finance Society

June 2019



Our client, the Personal Finance Society, is the ‘go-to’ membership body for financial advisers and financial planning organisations, providing advisers with guidance and information on how to ensure they are correctly applying any rules and regulations as issued from the regulatory bodies. Regulatory reforms can often be complex and make for dry reading. One such topic is that of subtlety around offering discretionary investment service to an investor where determining who actually is the end client is throwing up queries and challenges for advisers.

Working with one of their Partners, Diminimis, a comprehensive guide to explain the difference had been created in the form of a long paper. Given the importance of the subject matter, our client was keen that rather than have a dry ‘white paper’ style download, they wanted something more visually stimulating and interesting as advisers, like most of people, are time poor and want information quickly and comprehensively.

The challenge was to create such a means of being able to distribute something electronically that would engage their audience.


Having reviewed the content to be distributed, we quickly established that it consisted of a lot of Q&A statements coupled with up front information around the governing rules. We determined that given the wide breadth of knowledge of the subject among the client membership that by providing an interactive PDF, readers would be able to skip to content they wanted to examine in further details without having necessarily to read all of the other information unless they wanted to.


We employed both colour coding and interactive menus to organise the content into sections with questions hyperlinking to the corresponding answers. This allows readers to see at a glance a number of potentially pertinent questions for them to understand, or even consider for the first time.

Use of imagery with common section colours also breaks up the content into manageable sections and brings the very dry content to life.


The PDF has been well received and been downloaded and read over 500 times so far since launch on 04 July with no other marketing to promote its publication. Its widescreen/mobile friendly format has found favour with PFS members as has the ability to navigate intuitively through the document.

PFS Diminimis Agent Acting As Client Digital Guide

This digital guide was downloadable from the web and designed to be readable on desktop and mobile.

COH_J012552 Diminimis Acting As Client FAQs P1


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