Paul Bailes

Pool Reinsurance Limited

July 2021

Digital Design


As part of its SOLUTIONS offering, Pool Re provides specialist information to organisations that helps them understand, quantify and develop solutions with regards to terrorism risk.

In an initiative to better inform industry and provide an assessment on the vulnerability from terrorism, we were briefed to design and create a series of reports each focussing on a specific sector.

The intention was that these should be engaging digital documents, designed to be read on a laptop or desktop computer and easily accessible to anyone with access to the internet. Having a digital format also supports Pool Re’s sustainability drive.


Key consideration for the reports was to balance clarity and ease of reading with interesting and engaging design that would draw the reader in. We achieved this with rich imagery used at the beginning of the document along with a clear executive summary page detailing the key findings of the report. Editorial imagery included within case studies of actual terrorist events helped reinforce the reality of the overall topic covered.


Knowing that we were designing for laptop and desktop computers, most of which now have a widescreen shape, allowed for a multi column approach within which to design. This gave us the option to spread charts over a number of columns. Using the interactive tools at our disposal, some charts could be animated and other content layered – activated when a button or hot spot was moused over.


To date two of an intended series of four reports have been published. Due to the digital nature of the documents, distribution and access to them is extremely quick when compared to paper documents and the interactivity added provides another layer of engagement.

The fact that these were published online allows Pool Re to monitor the engagement through stats provided – both of which received over 200 views in the first day of being published.


Engaging content

The benefit of a digital document allows for a mix of content to engage the reader. Some of the charts were animated, quickly bringing to life otherwise static pages. By making other pages interactive layers of content could be read on the same page, further engaging the reader as they browse through the document.

See the finished reports

The finished reports were published online which made distribution extremely easy by sharing the link to the document, be this on a website, email or social media. Once published, should any amends be required, these can be done quickly and the online document is updated immediately ensuring that only the most up-to-date version is available. Another benefit of publishing online is the ability to gather information on the number of people who have read the report, time spent reading and the type of device used to read the document.

Click on the images below to read the finished reports.

Marketing the reports

Having created the reports we then updated the Pool Re website with a page for each report. Using the same imagery we also provided a series of resources to Pool Re to be used on social media.