Paul Bailes

Broker Business Partnership

April 2018



The Broker Business Partnership is an initiative by COBRA Network aimed at entrepreneurial insurance brokers looking for high growth by collaborating and empowering them to achieve this through working with them to address the different challenges they face. The initiative provides a tailored service bring together a number of unique partnership solutions, coupled with the type of support offered by more traditional broker networks.

We were engaged to design a marketing communication that, in addition to explaining the concept, would also start to lay some foundations for the visual identity of the initiative.



Most of COBRA Networks marketing communications has a certain feel, using stock photography to bring the written word to life. A key objective of this project was to ensure that the design of this enabled it to stand out from the usual communications they produce.


We achieved this by using a series of distinctive modern illustrations that brought the messages to life. The powerful illustrations were used in a way that was integral to the design of each spread, creating a fluid engaging design and a memorable identity for the initiative.


Given the bespoke nature of this initiative it was quality over quantity that the client required in terms of participants of the initiative. The marketing communications have been very well received and generated the response required to allow the recruitment process to the programme to begin.


“The insightful guidance of Cohesion really crystallised our thoughts, turning good into great. It’s also simplified our sales approach adding a real punch to our delivery.”

Andy Green
Cobra Group Distribution Director