Sarah Price

Chartered Insurance Institute

June 2019



As the primary membership body for those working within both the Insurance and Financial Services profession, the CII’s role is to protect the interests of the public by ensuring that those working in the sector behave ethically and with integrity at all times. Members are obliged to commit to certain standards of behaviour and commit to understanding ongoing professional development as part of their membership terms. With the exponential rise in the use of technology and changes in the ways in which data is collected and shared, the CII recognised that their members need to also consider how they treat digital interactions and to ensure that they were not overlooking these when considering and applying the CII Code of Ethics.

The brief was therefore to create a companion guide to the Code of Ethics which could be distributed both digitally and in printed format since on joining the CII, members are sent a printed copy of the guide.

The guide itself did not need to be rewritten; rather a supplementary publication was needed to explain how the code should be applied to digital media.


Given that this companion guide would in the first instance be distributed in electronic format, we designed the document as a simple PDF in widescreen format to maximise the screen collateral. By opting to set the page to an A4 DL format, it not only allows for ease of viewing on mobile/tablet devices, it means that it can be printed and slip neatly inside the A5 format of the main Code of Ethics Guide. It also suited the length of the content to be included.


We opted for a formal, instructional/informative document style to mirror the style of the longer Code of Ethics documents. Bold use of typography makes the document easy to read and follow.


The document has been successful used as part of a webinar to inform members of the addition of the document to their toolkit to help them better serve the public. The style means that the document fits neatly as part of the suite of material created whilst remaining distinct enough to be used on its own. Following completion, a decision was made to commission a further explanatory guide in a similar style. It has enabled the CII to ensure promote best practice within its membership.

CII Code of Ethics Digital Companion

This digital guide was downloadable from the web and designed to be readable on desktop and mobile.

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