Sarah Price

Art Director
Paul Bailes

Chartered Insurance Institute

October 2019

Brand Identity
Print Design
Digital Design


Our client, The Chartered Insurance (CII) was looking to launch a series of 4 qualifications for those working in the “Personal Lines” sector. Personal Lines is insurance that most of the public buy in their lives. It is important therefore that the public are reassured that the people they are dealing with are not only adequately qualified but display integrity and genuine care for their customers. The CIIs had identified that those likely to work in personal lines insurance were junior staff and those in customer services and support roles, a larger percentage of whom were females and with an overall demographic of younger professionals of between 25-40 years old. These new Personal Lines products were aimed at getting people to sign up for these new qualifications and encourage fresh talent into the insurance industry by offering free online taster courses.

Cohesion’s task was to create a suite of material that embraced the existing brand while ensuring the design was relevant to a younger and largely female target audience.



Armed with this knowledge, we carried out our own research into designing for different genders and ages. Our conclusions found that females are generally attracted to rounded lines and shapes and the use of many and bright colours with irregular typography compared to males. They would also prefer to see images of women that they can identify with.


Taking the findings of our research, we applied these to the design stage, producing four concepts showing how each concept could be applied to a fully integrated campaign including press ads, social media, print design as well as large format graphics and online digital expressions of a printed brochure as well as short animation. Still working within the confines of the CII’s brand colour palette and in collaboration with CII over the final choice of images, the preferred concept of using paint stripes to represent making changes and a new/fresh approach to qualifications and learning was chosen. Refinements as specified by the client were applied and the final imagery selected was deliberately non-corporate to appeal to the younger professionals. The use of different coloured paint stripes suggested layering and depth, mirroring what those opting to study for the qualification will experience: new learning to build and develop their professional knowledge.


Having settled on the final elements for each phase of the chosen design, we produced the four individual qualification units as well as a brochure to be used by the CII sales team to explain the proposition. Rather than then replicating a printed document on line, in the design phase we had repurposed the artwork to introduce interactive navigation features as well as designing for mobile devices given ever the increasing number of people, particularly in the target market age group, are downloading material to mobile phones and tablets. Using a simple visual language we were able to create professionally-voiced engaging animations. This is an extremely cost-effective way to extend the campaign and maximise engagement via the CII’s own website and also on the Futurelearn platform. Likewise a series of social media images were created to allow them the promote the new material over a number of weeks to build on the product awareness and drive interest in the new qualifications by linking to a dedicated page on their website.

CII Personal Lines Qualifications digital brochure

Part of the marketing communications suite, the digital brochure was downloadable from the web and designed to be readable on desktop and mobile.



The CII have been able to run a fully integrated campaign across all media to launch their new product range. The distinctly different style has drawn a lot of positive feedback and interest in registering for the qualification units from the target sector. In view of the positive reception for the design and associated materials, the CII are looking to take a similar approach to its next launch aimed at an international audience.

“While bringing together the full range of new learning content, it was also important to reflect ethical content such as inclusive approaches to customer outcomes and dealing with vulnerable customers. I am delighted with Cohesion’s creative approach. The designs enabled us to connect with the market to show how the Personal Lines Knowledge Range can help firms provide a holistic service to customers and to respond to increased regulatory demand for evidence of organisational purpose and investing in a positive culture.”

Tim Leith FCIM
Customer Marketing Manager, Chartered Insurance Institute