Sarah Price

Creative Director
Paul Bailes

Chartered Insurance Institute

December 2017



Insurance is facing a watershed moment given the fast-paced shift in technologies coming into the market. Coupled with a lack of trust on the part of the public based on perceived unfairness of treatment in a number of minority yet widely reported cases, our client commissioned a joint research project to look at the impact and explore future outcomes. The brief was to find a way to best present the findings.



As the report was a joint collaboration, we developed a style for the report that found favour with both stakeholders as well as being an easy, engaging read for recipients. The content of the report was relatively technical, with numerous charts and graphs. Although the subject concerned the use of emerging technologies and challenges to insurance on how to best integrate and adapt them in order to not only survive but the thrive in the future, the findings also showed that fundamentally there was, and would continue to be, an important role for the human side of the profession.


Our solution sought to break up the report into manageable sections with a design that was visually impactful and helped lead the reader through the content through positioning of charts on the page and choice of colour palette.

Imagery was carefully chosen to show a mixture of futuristic technologies being used by people rather than being replaced by them. The front cover focussed on AI (Artificial Intelligence) since this was revealed in the report as having a major disruptive impact on the insurance broking profession and its topical relevance struck a chord with the readers.


The design of the report added further credibility and value to the way in which it was perceived. Reprints were requested in view of its popularity.

The strong image used on the cover of the report itself was the used to feature in a social media campaign to drive interest in the report and to increase circulation among key industry groups.