Paul Bailes

Pool Reinsurance

November 2020



In previous years Pool Re have created a Terrorism Threat Mitigation report, an extremely factual and data rich document that considers the threat landscape around the world. The desire in 2020 was to build on this to create a more engaging digital document that not only consisted of the data rich content from the Mitigation Report but which carried more editorial and opinion led articles that would help integrate Pool Re service propositions and deliver insightful thought leadership.



Working within the brand language, our starting point was to settle on a format and structure relevant for the content. Being a digital document allowed for navigation to find content as well as just flicking through as one may with a printed document. Choice of imagery was also a key consideration with images chosen tending to be editorial in nature, adding gravitas to the articles they were illustrating.


Having settled on a series of page structures and a method of navigation, we were able to create the complete document building pages adding content and, creating charts and diagrams. Interactivity and external hyperlinks being last to be added following the client sign-off.


As a flagship document for Pool Re, the review has brought together a series of  different topics from cyber terrorism to the effects Covid 19 is having on the world in an engaging yet easily accessible and portable format. Thanks to the structure of the document its has been possible to break the content down into individual articles which can then be shared via social media, extending Pool Re’s reach. The review has been well received by all – our client, authors and recipients.

Pool Re Solutions Review

The Pool Re Solutions Review is downloadable from the web and designed to be readable on desktop and mobile.

COH_J012867 Pool Re Solutions Annual Review C7 web


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