Paul Bailes

Pool Reinsurance

September 2020



Pool Reinsurance was established in 1993 by the UK Government in response to the untenable losses and uncertainty caused by terrorist actions of the Provisional IRA’s devastating bombings in financial centres in London and Manchester during The Troubles. Since that time there have been many more terrorist actors and the threat is no longer confined to bombs; it now includes chemical and biological techniques, drones, cyber, vehicles or knives.

In 2020 Her Majesty’s Treasury announced the launch of the latest five year review of Pool Re, with the objective of ensuring the good functioning of the UK’s terrorism (re)insurance market, the proper protection of public interests and agreeing Pool Re’s proposed strategic direction for the next 5 years. To assist with this, Pool Re commissioned a Green and White paper, the latter being a blueprint based on over 12 months of consultation with their Members and wider stakeholder group to build a collective vision for the future.



The audience for these documents would be the C-suite, decision and policy makers. A key consideration would be to ensure that the design reflected the gravitas of the ideas the content that was communicating. Clarity was important so good use of white space was paramount. Additionally elegantly designed graphical content and diagrams would help bring conceptual ideas to life, engaging the reader.


With the design approach agreed we could begin the creation of the documents working within the brand guidelines. We were keen to create unique pieces of work, however it was important the Pool Re brand came through in the style of the documents. This was achieved through balancing the colour palette and fonts of the brand with the graphical content and written narrative.


The objectives for these documents was to shape the discussions around ensuring the good functioning of the UK’s terrorism (re)insurance market and develop dialogue with the industry about their future needs and share Pool Re’s vision for the years ahead. Over and above these specific objectives this would also feed into aspirations of being a major thought leader for Terrorism Re-insurance. Both of the Green and White Paper achieved this being well received, assisting Pool Re with their goals.