Creative Director
Paul Bailes

Sarah Price

Chartered Insurance Institute

February 2020



Having previously designed and created the earlier reports detailing the importance of understanding the complexities and unintended consequences of decisions for females and their financial journey at every stage of life, we were asked to create the final report for this seminal piece of research, culminating in this report which pulls together the research findings and makes a series of radical and important recommendations to improve the financial future and resilience for women in particular and the wider society generally.

The brief was that this report should, like the earlier ones, stand alone as a report in its own right whilst also being part of the Insuring Women’s Futures suite of materials. The subject matter is complex and the report needed to both engage and appeal to a broad audience with widely varying levels of understanding of the issues.



Building on the look and feel of the reports already produced, we opted to use a mix of photography and icons throughout the piece thereby providing continuity and familiarity to the audience. By employing the same imagery and colour schemes as in previous reports, it meant it was easier to navigate both for audiences familiar with earlier reports and intuitive for new readers.

We designed this piece as an A4 landscape publication which could then be more easily transferred to a landscape grid to allow maximum screen space since the content contained a lot of facts that needed to be presented across an overlapping timeline.


Knowing that the document was to be both printed and distributed electronically, we created two versions of the artwork – a traditional printed document and then an online version that took advantage of the inbuilt functionality afforded by Indesign and Acrobat. This allowed the online users to user to move effectively throughout the report to any area of specific interest without the need to scroll through the entire document. Use of zoom and hyperlinking features ensured that the digital edition of the report gave the user an immersive experience and also ensured that they were able to easily read a lot of information easily.

We also ensured all data sources were hyperlinked and could be verified via a single click as they opened in a new window.


This project ended up being much larger than originally briefed. The final documents have been well received and CII have had a lot of compliments on the way that complex information has been communicated in a visually pleasing manner. They were also extremely pleased with the pro-active approach taken in order to ensure critical deadlines were met under difficult conditions.

Living a financially resilient life in the UK: The Moments that Matter in improving women’s and all of our financial futures


COH_J012776 - IWF Final Vision Pension Report FULL REPORT web LR


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